About Us

The brand

AMRAPgear is a brand by athletes for athletes. We offer best-in-class products for enhanced performance in the most physically demanding training. Our goal is to enable athletes to surpass their own boundaries on an injury free basis. The foundation of our success relies on a unique understanding of our clients’ needs, superior and creative product development/design, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop strong long term relationships with our customers and partners in order to create the best products in the marketplace.

The Glove

The AMRAPgear Cross Training Glove is made of the highest quality neoprene material for flexible compression fit, comfort, and durability. The reinforced silicone-padded palms serve to improve grip and control. The glove is carefully designed to prevent calluses and sores through extreme breathability and also provides extra wrist support with an adjustable wrist Velcro strap for perfect fit.

Glove sizing chart

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The Grip

For High Performance

Our unique flexible compression fit gloves are enhanced with neoprene material and reinforced silicone-padded palms to improve your grip, strength, and control.

Velcro Band

For Wrist Support

Our gloves offer extra wrist support with an adjustable Velcro strap for the perfect fit and hand tension reduction.

Unique Design

For Healthier Hands

Through extensive product research and close collaboration with athletes around the globe we have formulated the best in class Cross Training gloves.  Our design is unique and will safely improve your performance maximizing the results of your WODs.  No more injuries. No more calluses.

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Perfect for

Give us a try doing kettlebell swings, pull ups, or whatever WOD your coach comes up with! Our equipment is perfect for enhancing all levels of your workout while protecting your body from injury. The result is maximized performance and happy customers worldwide.


Our products are manufactured with longevity in mind. You can push our gloves to the limits your body allows and rest assured that they are built to last. When you feel like they need a little cleaning just drop them in the washing machine and hang dry.


AMRAPgear® offers an all encompassing 100% money back guarantee behind all our products. If within 30 days of your purchase you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will refund you in full. Happy customers is our utmost priority.

What customers are saying about our product

"These gloves are an excellent buy for anyone interested in lifting serious weights. I have been practicing Crossfit for over 3 years and have gone through many pairs of gloves, wristguards, and straps available on Amazon. These gloves are on another level. The construction is superb and the double stitching guarantees a snug fit. The silicone palm grip has the right amount of padding for great support when doing pullups, deadlifts, kettlebell swings and any other WOD involving weights. If you are like me and lift weights at least 3x per week, this is a great purchase and will save your hands from calluses and support your wrists against injuries. I highly recommend these gloves and look forward to more products by AMRAP Gear!"

"I loved them!!! These gloves are well design in all sense, not only made of high quality products (the grip and the velcro actually work) but also fashionable!! I usually get a bigger size in gloves because I don't like to use anything too tight, so I ordered a Small. But that one fit perfectly!! (Finally!). I don't think the XS would have fit me tho."

"These are excellent gloves for anyone that lifts weights seriously. I have bought previous pairs of gloves from name brands and they usually turn out to be complete garbage. The AMRAP Gear gloves are in a whole different category. They are carefully crafted with great materials and superior stitching. The packaging is sleek and the product is as advertised. I highly recommend these gloves to anyone trying to save their hands from rigorous workouts. I look forward to getting more products from this brand in the future!"

"Can I give these gloves 10 stars??? Im not a Crossfit person and I don't lift weights, but I do spinning classes everyday!!! Cycling gloves are a pain for me because they take your entire hand, so my hands cannot breath and I have to take my wedding rings off.. But this one is PERFECT for what I need. They allow my hands to breath the entire time, the cushion on the palm of the hand makes my riding journey way more comfortable and the wrist band gives me a great suport since the classes can get pretty intense."

Stay tuned

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Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have any issues with your purchase, questions about our products, or any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!